Driveways, paths, patios, shed & house slabs, foundations, block laying, paving, concrete pumping, drilling & cutting, plus more! Everything concrete, we can do it.

Concrete is quite complex. We make it easier for you to get the desired outcome you want by taking care of the hard stuff for you, all you have to do is pick and choose what
  • colour
  • pattern
  • style
  • finish
of concrete you want and we do the rest. Tell us what you want, and we’ll show you how we can make it happen!

Why choose McLeods Concreting Ltd?

Experience in the trade is the foundation that allows us and our clients to be confident in every job that we’re involved with.

It’s this foundation that McLeods Concreting Ltd relies on to provide quality products and service to a wide range of clients, from rural and residential property owners to commercial developers.

Our experience spans decades and has taken us around the globe in pursuit of strengthening our trade. The result is a committed group that knows the complexities of the trade, that possesses the skill levels to satisfy any request to a high level of finesse, and deliver great results.

We are also a member of the New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association. The member requirements to be a Master Concrete Placer are a high standard of knowledge and practical experience which must be demonstrable, both in terms of workmanship and business acumen. A Master Concrete Placer must abide by the Code of Ethics of the Association and be professional in all aspects of their business conduct.